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Dates: August 7–11, 2017

Location: Sheraton Music City Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee


• 2017 Convocation Highlights Bulletin Insert

2017 Convocation Minutes (approved by Executive Council 10/26/17)

Event schedule:

  • NALC Youth Leaders Symposium (Aug. 7, 9:00 AM – Aug. 8, 12:00 PM; cost is $75.00)
  • WNALC Annual Gathering (Aug. 8, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; cost is $80.00)
  • Braaten-Benne Lectures in Theology (Aug. 8, 1:00 PM – Aug. 9, 11:30 AM; cost is $125.00)
  • NALC Convocation and Mission Festival (Aug. 9, 1:30 PM — Aug. 11, 5:00 PM; cost is $200.00)

2017 Convocation Business

Among the items of business before the Convocation are 1) proposed constitutional amendments regarding the process for electing the Bishop and the publication of biographical information on candidates and 2) elections for two members of the Executive Council (1 clergy and 1 lay, each for a four-year term); two members of the Court of Adjudication (clergy or lay, each for a four-year term); and one member of the Canada Section Board (one-year term) to replace a member who has resigned.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The 2015 Convocation adopted a resolution that called upon the Deans and the Executive Council to study the NALC’s procedure for electing a Bishop. The Executive Council and Bishop Bradosky appointed a task force of six: three Deans and three Executive Council members to conduct the study. The task force completed its work last year, and presented its recommendations at the January 2017 Executive Council meeting. The Executive Council approved the task force’s recommendations, which fall into two categories: 1) proposed amendments to the NALC Constitution; and 2) instructions and guidelines for the Nominating Committee, Elections Committee and Convocation planning team.


The proposed changes in the process for electing the Bishop were not approved.

Read the cover letter emailed to all NALC pastors and congregations regarding the proposed Constitutional amendments.

In summary, the proposed constitutional amendments would require:

  • All nominations for Bishop be presented 60 days prior to a Convocation, and disallow nominations at a Convocation;
  • Change the 90-day and 45-day deadlines for presenting nominations for the Executive Council and the Court of Adjudication to 60 and 40 days prior to the Convocation.

There are four documents available for download, which explain in greater detail the process leading to the decision, and the substance of the task force’s recommendations. The documents are:

  1. Report from the Task Force Studying the NALC’s Procedure for Electing a Bishop describes the process used for the study and the rationale for the proposed amendments and other recommendations;
  2. The amendments to the NALC Constitution proposed for consideration at the 2017 Convocation;
  3. Other recommendations related to the procedure for electing a bishop, but not requiring constitutional amendments;
  4. A Minority Report submitted by one task force member who prefers to keep the current process for electing a bishop, which allows for nominations for Bishop at the Convocation.

Should the Convocation approve the proposed constitutional amendments, the amendments will then require ratification by a 2/3 supermajority of those NALC congregations which vote on ratification within six months of the conclusion of the Convocation.


Under the NALC Constitution, congregations and individuals are empowered to submit nominations to the 2017 Nominating Committee for all positions to be elected at Convocation. The Nominating Committee published its initial slate of nominees for the Executive Council and Court of Adjudication on May 8, 2017. Additional nominations were solicited, with a submission deadline of June 19, 2017. No additional nominations were made.


The Rev. Mark Braaten and Mr. Brian Sutton were elected to Executive Council; the Rev. Jeffray Greene and Mr. Lyle Hollander were elected to the Court of Adjudication.

Click here for the report containing biographical information on the nominees.

For a brief description of the duties for Executive Council and Court of Adjudication, click here.


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