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Stewards of God's Influence

Welcome to the NALC’s Stewards of God’s Influence: Time, Talents,Treasure and Testimony. We encourage you to think about this year’s annual financial response not as a program but as an invitation to enter into a 30-day faith-raising experience with your congregation. Together, you will grow in faith, increase in generosity and use all your gifts for the building of his Kingdom!

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Marty Haugen, in his liturgy “Now the Feast and Celebration,” begins the preface to the Holy Communion with, “It is our duty and delight that we should everywhere and always offer thanks and praise to you, O God, through Jesus Christ….”

Our Duty and Delight Stewardship Program sets forth a four-week effort designed to help our people grow spiritually. When that happens, they will also grow in their giving.

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It has been said that stewardship is far more about faith-raising than it is about fundraising. The primary purpose of a stewardship emphasis in our congregations is to help our members grow spiritually. As we grow spiritually, yes, we do discover the joy of giving and a serendipitous effect will be that the church will have more money with which to fulfill the mission and ministry to which Christ calls us. The key to effective stewardship, indeed to all ministry, is prayer.

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