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Introducing a new Living and Giving Stewardship Series: Get ready for a year-long adventure that will inspire, empower, and equip you for a life of generosity and impact. Each month, we will unveil a new video that dives deep into the heart of stewardship, showcasing real stories of transformation and highlighting the incredible difference that giving can make.

Micro Teaching Tools for Practical Learning: Alongside each video, we’re providing micro teaching tools that you can access on our website. These tools are designed to guide you through meaningful discussions, practical applications, and reflections that will enrich your understanding of stewardship and its significance in your life.

A Year of Growth and Compassion: For the next year, our commitment to your journey continues. Month after month, we’ll release a dynamic duo of video and teaching tool, offering you consistent opportunities to deepen your connection with the spirit of giving.

Stay tuned for the next awe-inspiring video and micro teaching tool, coming your way soon!

When is it a Tithe? 
The Rev. Taylor Rister-Stempniak

Living in the Overflow – The Rev. Dona Johnson

Defining Stewardship – The Rev. Taylor Stempniak

Your Family & Generosity – The Rev. Dona Johnson

Baby Steps Towards Generosity – The Rev. Dr. Amy Little

Journey to the Joy of Giving | The Rev. Dr. Eugene Grimm