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DVD Series on Lutheran Confessions and Luther’s Small Catechism by the Rev. Dr. James Nestingen

A DVD study led by popular Lutheran theologian the Rev. Dr. James Nestingen is now available from the NALC.

This 12-part DVD on Lutheran theology as explained in the Lutheran Confessions and Martin Luther’s Small Catechism is an excellent resource for adult studies.

The DVD series, with individual sessions of 35-60 minutes each, was produced by St. Paul Lutheran Seminary and funded, in part, by a grant from the North American Lutheran Church.

Dr. Nestingen, an NALC pastor, taught church history and the Lutheran Confessions at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., for many years.

The session titles are:

1. The Lutheran Confessions
2. Justification
3. Law and Gospel
4. Ten Words
5. God the Father
6. Who is Jesus?
7. Redeemed
8. Holy Spirit
9. Lord’s Prayer
10. Baptism
11. Confession and Absolution
12. Communion

Order the DVDs by emailing the NALC office or calling 888-551-7254. Cost is $100 plus shipping.