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NALC Convocation, August 8-9, 2013, Pittsburgh PA

Location: Sheraton Station Square Hotel
300 West Station Square Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Minutes of the 2013 NALC Convocation

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  • NALC Seminary introductory video
  • NALC Convocation proceedings
  • Theological Conference proceedings
  • Lutheran CORE Convocation proceedings

Rules of Procedure – 2013 NALC Convocation


The 2013 NALC Convocation elected one lay person (Matthew Burkhart) and one pastor (Pastor Amy Schifrin) to the Executive Council and two members (Jon Evans and Pastor Jeffray Greene) to the Court of Adjudication.

Nominees for Executive Council and Court of Adjudication

Proposal for the Creation of the North American Lutheran Seminary

North American Lutheran Seminary: A Proposal

Questions and Answers: Proposal for the North American Lutheran Seminary

NALC Seminary cover letter from Bishop Bradosky


Committee Reports

Staff Reports

Treasurer’s Report and 2014 Budget Presentation
Proposed 2014 Budget Approved August 8, 2013

2014 NALC Budgets approved by Convocation

2013 Compensation Disclosure Memo

2013 Audited Financial Statement

Report Regarding Progress of Full LWF Membership Application

NALC/ELCT Memorandum of Understanding


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