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Event Information

Date: August 11 and August 12, 2011
Host: Upper Arlington Lutheran Church (The Church at Mill Run)
Location: 3500 Mill Run Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026

The NALC and Lutheran CORE, partners in ministry, organized a 4-day event that included two convocations and a theological conference. During the NALC convocation, elections were held to confirm or replace individuals who had been elected provisionally for leadership positions during the 2010 convening convocation of the North American Lutheran Church.

Minutes of the 2011 NALC Convocation

In Preparation for the Convocation

2011 NALC Convocation Resolutions as proposed (updated 18-JAN-2012)

2011 NALC Convocation Resolutions as acted upon(updated 18-JAN-2012)

2011 NALC Convocation Reports

2011 NALC Rules of Procedure

Amendments to the Constitution

This black-lined copy outlines proposed changes to the Provisional Constitution.

Amendments Proposed By the Executive Council, May 2011



The Rev. John F. Bradosky

The 2011 NALC Convocation, Aug. 11-12 in Hilliard, Ohio, elected the Rev. John F. Bradosky, to serve a four-year term as Bishop. The Bishop is the NALC’s chief pastor and evangelist. (Bishop Bradosky was re-elected in 2015 to an additional four-year term.)

Court of Adjudication

The seven people who served the North American Lutheran Church for its first year as provisional members of the NALC’s Court of Adjudication were unopposed for their positions and will continue to serve in terms of one to four years.

Executive Council

The 2011 NALC Convocation elected four lay people and four clergy to terms of one to four years. Future terms will be staggered so that one pastor and one lay person will be elected at each annual Convocation to four-year terms.

Financial Documents

During the Convocation the following financials were reviewed and or adopted.

Treasurer’s 2011 Report and Proposed 2012 Budget
Presented and Approved: August 11, 2011

NALC 2012 Proposed/Adopted Budget

NALC 2011 Approved Budget

2011 Audited Financial Statement

2010 Audited Financial Statement

Ecumenical Relationships

During the Convocation the following Ecumenical Statement and Partnership Statements were presented for adoption.

Ecumenical and Inter-Lutheran Commitment (Adopted)

Proposal for Partnership: EECMY(Adopted)

Proposal for Partnership: ELC-Uganda (Under further consideration)


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