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Location: The Citadel – The Military College of South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Dates: July 24-25, 2014

Convocation Business

There were two items of business before the 2014 Convocation: Approval of a constitutional amendment and elections for positions on the Executive Council, Court of Adjudication and North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS) Board of Regents.

Minutes of the 2014 NALC Convocation

2014 Convocation: Rules of Procedure

Constitutional Amendment

The NALC Executive Council proposed an amendment to Section 7.01 of the NALC Constitution  removing the requirement that the Convocation be held in August. The proposed amendment was approved by the Convocation and was ratified by two-thirds of the congregations effective as of January 25, 2015.

Download the Constitution as ratified effective 2015-JAN-25.


The 2014 NALC Convocation elected individuals to positions on the  Executive Council, Court of Adjudication and the Board of Regents for the North American Lutheran Seminary. Individuals elected are as follows:

Executive Council      Court of Adjudication NALS Board of Regents
Three-Year Term
• Rev. Mark H. Braaten
Four-Year Term
• Rev. Melinda H. Jones
• Mr. Richard Jansak
Four-Year Term
• Mr. James Gale
• Rev. K. Glen Johnson
Two-Year Term
• Ms. Donna Evans
• Rev. Jeffray Greene
• Mr. Frank Merrell
• Bishop Paull Spring
Four-Year Term
• Rev. Wendy Berthelsen
• Rev. Philip Gagnon
• Rev. Donna Smith
Six-Year Term
• Rev. Dieter Punt
• Rev. Mark Ryman
• Dr. Roy Schwarz

Reports and Other Documents of Interest

Committee Reports

Staff Reports

Treasurer’s Report and 2015 Proposed Budget Presentation
2015 Proposed Budget Approved July 24, 2014

2015 NALC Budgets approved by Convocation

2014 NALC Staff Compensation Disclosure

2014 Audited Financial Statement

Click on the video below to watch Pastor Brack East’s “Discipleship Minute” presented at the Convocation.


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