September 2014
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  • Girl’s vision for Water Missions inspires congregational support
  • NALC Mission Festival is Nov. 6-8
  • Canadian youth gather for Impact
  • Mission trip connects congregation
  • De Soto, Ill., mission congregation to dedicate new sanctuary
  • Women of NALC Annual Gathering
  • “Christian Faith and Same Sex Attraction: Finding Paths to Ministry” Conference
  • Reformation Conference at NALS North Carolina House of Studies
  • Day of Christian Service in Ecuador
  • Bishop’s Report to the 2014 Convocation
  • Disaster Preparedness Training in Ohio
  • 2015 NALC Pastors Conference
  • 2015 Impact National Youth Event
  • “Liturgy means more Scripture: The Sunday Work of the People of God.” – Ministry Matters from Pastor David Wendel
  • “Norway and Western Europe: A Glimpse of Our Future?” – In Pursuit of the Great Commission by Pastor Don Brandt

August 2014
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  • Convocation and Theological Conference Summary and Pictures  
  • Bishop’s Convocation Sermon: “Standing With in Order to Withstand”
  • Congregations to consider amendment to NALC constitution
  • 2014 NALC Mission Festival:  Abida – Hearts on Fire
  • Dealing with the Seven Major Lies about Mission-Part 1
  • Christian Care for the Poor-A Reflection Piece for the Joint Commission on Theology and Doctrine

July 2014
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  • Information about 2014 Convocations and Theological Conference, including nominees for Executive Council, Court of Adjudication, and NALS Board of Regents   
  • Inter-Lutheran consultations meet in Canada  
  • North American Lutheran Church responds to Lutheran World Federation
  • Mission leaders meet for summit  
  • 2014 NALC Mission Festival:  Abida – Hearts on Fire
  • Congregational news features

June 2014
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  • Making connections for mission in India
  • “Fanning the Flames of Discipleship to Face the Future” — message from Bishop Bradosky
  • NALC leaders considering response to Lutheran World Federation
  • NALC pastor involved in ministry response to Washington mudslide
  • New NALC congregation in Rhode Island
  • “The Word and the Spirit Antidote to Decline in the Church” — Ministry Matters from Pastor David Wendel
  • “An Ascension Day Sermon” — message from Rev. Dr. Amy C. Schifrin

May 2014
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  • 16 pastors and 5 lay people nominated for NALC Executive Council; 2 nominated for Court of Adjudication (biographical information on nominees available by clicking here)
  • 23 nominated for North American Lutheran Seminary Board of Regents (biographical information on nominees available by clicking here)
  • Lutheran World Federation does not approve NALC membership
  • NALC completes negotiations with IRS
  • “Look up – Live up – Grow up – Build up” — message from Bishop Bradosky
  • “Abida – Hearts on Fire” — Mission Festival 2014
  • “The Christ-Centered Pastor in the NALC: Caring, Compassionate, Character of Christ Connected” — Ministry Matters from Pastor David Wendel
  • DVD study on Lutheran teaching features Dr. Jim Nestingen

April 2014
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  • David Yeago appointed to faculty of North American Lutheran Seminary
  • Donations show strong support for seminary
  • Charleston to host Convocations and Theological Conference at The Citadel 
  • Indiana congregation partners with churches in Ethiopia and Florida  
  • NALC missionary begins work with refugee children from South Sudan
  • Bishop Bradosky’s Easter Message
  • Advent Lutheran Church – Kings Mountain, N.C.  
  • Illini Fighting Hunger – Prince of Peace in St. Joseph, Ill., packs food for the hungry
  • NALC Disaster Response Team update
  • Youth Encounter President Larry Johnson announces his retirement
  • “Drifting Toward Universalism?” – In Pursuit of the Great Commission by Pastor Don Brandt

March 2014
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  • “Standing With … To Withstand” is theme of 2014 Convocation
  •  Nominations sought for NALC positions 
  •  Representatives of Lutheran World Federation and the North American Lutheran Church meet in Columbus   
  • “Confession and Mission: On This Rock I Will Build My Church” by Pastor Gemechis Buba
  • 2013 Congregational Reports 
  • “Lutheran Doctrine of Vocation as Antidote to Lethal Me Culture of Today” — 2014 Canadian Rockies Theological Conference
  • NALC Disaster Preparedness Training

February 2014
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  • NALC leaders consult with Lutheran leaders in Africa
  • Radio Ministry of Pastor Eddy Perez
  • “Called to bear witness to the Light” — a message from Bishop John Bradosky
  • Nominations sought for NALC positions
  • “House Church Ministry” by Pastor Gemechis Buba
  • “From Ashes to Easter” Lenten Devotional by Pastor David Wendel
  • Congregational reports reveal Mission-Driven churches

January 2014
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  • NALC preaching conference to focus on Law and Gospel
  • Regional mission conferences to focus on house churches
  • NALC house church starting in St. Paul, Minn. 
  • NALC, LCMS, LCC leaders meet
  • The NALC Call Process — Ministry Matters from Pastor David Wendel.   
  • Contact information for youth workers is sought 



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