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December 2012
  • “A Word of Counsel to the Church on the Sanctity of Nascent Life” adopted by Joint Commission for Theology and Doctrine.
  • “The Lord Is with You” – A Word of Counsel to the Church – The Sanctity of Nascent Life.
  • NALC Bishop John Bradosky comments on message on the sanctity of nascent life.
November 2012
  • Congregational Renewal Conference: “Authentic Discipleship for Congregational Renewal and Growth.”
  • NALC congregations respond to Hurricane Sandy.
  • Full Communion Agreement is signed. Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus and NALC formalize partnership in mission.
October 2012
  • NALC leaders join in celebration of 125 years of Lutheranism in Tanzania.
  • Congregations consider whether to ratify proposal for NALC to join LWF.
  • Reflections on visit to Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania by Bishop Bradosky.
August/September 2012
  • Convocation approves proposal to join Lutheran World Federation.
  • Proposal must be ratified by NALC congregations.
July 2012
  • Bishop Bradosky joins other American religious leaders in defending religious freedom.
  • Support for religious freedom has deep roots among Christians.
June 2012
  • NALC to consider membership in Lutheran World Federation
  • 2011 Convocation actions have been ratified by congregations
May 2012
  • NALC, Lutheran CORE Convocations & Theological Conference
  • International Mission & Theological Conference
 April 2012
  • Register for Theological Conference & NALC Convocation
  • Anglican, NALC representatives Ecumenical Meeting
  • NALC Candidacy Committee works with gifted and faithful candidates
March 2012
  • The Wilderness is Not Wasted
  • Mission Districts continue to organize
  • Bishop Bradosky meets with leaders of Augsburg Lutheran Churches
February 2012
  • Love of a little girl brings Catholic bishop to her Lutheran church
  • Ministry Coordinator’s Corner
  • NALC Canada Section takes shape
  • One Local and One International Mission!
January 2012
  • Marriage and Religious Freedom: Fundamental Goods That Stand or Fall Together
  • LWR responds to floods in Philippines

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