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The NALC is pleased to offer tools designed to help your congregation with its stewardship ministry. The following video from NALC Bishop John Bradosky introduces our 2016 stewardship theme, “Overflowing with Generosity.” This faithful, encouraging and inspiring video is suitable for introducing the theme to church councils, adult forums, congregational meetings, and any context where folks would like to know about Christian stewardship in general and stewardship in the NALC in particular.

Click here to download and save this video to your computer. Once the video begins playing, right click your mouse and choose “Save video as…”

In addition, two printed resources are available for download and use in your congregation:

  • The Overflowing Generosity Stewardship Process by Dr. Eugene Grimm
  • A four-part Bible study entitled Overflowing Generosity by Pr. Dona Johnson

It has been said that stewardship is far more about faith-raising than it is about fundraising. The primary purpose of a stewardship emphasis in our congregations is to help our members grow spiritually. As we grow spiritually, yes, we do discover the joy of giving and a serendipitous effect will be that the church will have more money with which to fulfill the mission and ministry to which Christ calls us.

The key to effective stewardship, indeed to all ministry, is prayer. In your stewardship program:

  • Invite your members to pray for your stewardship emphasis,
  • Invite your members to pray about their own giving for the coming year,
  • And invite your members to pray for the work we do together as the NALC.

After all, the role of Christians is to give ourselves away for the sake of Christ.

We invite you to make use of all three options to enhance the mission and ministry of your congregation. As you grow in your giving, we also invite you to prayerfully consider increasing your congregation’s participation in the mission of the NALC. As you are aware, the NALC is not a hierarchical church, yet there are many things that we can better do together than as individual congregations. Our suggestion is that you grow in your giving to the NALC by whatever percentage your congregation increases its giving to your church.

Join your sister congregations and members of the NALC as we make use of the“Overflowing with Generosity” stewardship resources and give cheerfully in response to all God has given to us.

Available Downloads:

The Overflowing Generosity Stewardship Process

Overflowing Generosity Bible Study – Lesson 1

Overflowing Generosity Bible Study – Lesson 2

Overflowing Generosity Bible Study – Lesson 3

Overflowing Generosity Bible Study – Lesson 4

Bible Study Bibliography