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Numbers 6:22–27; Acts 13:1–12; Luke 12:41–48

The much-loved Aaronic Blessing (Num 6:22-27) is written in comforting, present-tense, continuous terms: announcing God’s presence, acknowledging his compassionate action, and bidding us return to him, again and again.

Sometimes, though, it takes a blessed disturbance to turn us back to holy, blessed assurance. In Acts 13:1-12, Barnabas and Saul (later called Paul) were sent as missionaries—Christ-bearers—to a Christ-seeker and his acquaintance, a Jewish false prophet. Both needed God’s blessing, even if it came with an unexpected challenge to Elymas to quit “making crooked the straight paths of the Lord” (v 12), to stop deceiving Christ-seekers like Sergius Paulus. In Luke 12:41-48, Jesus issues a stern warning about stewardship of all his blessings, all in response to his atoning, blessed suffering and death on the cross.

Whether read, spoken, or sung, the Aaronic Blessing has a vibrant immediancy that just can’t be escaped. That’s the way of God whenever He is blessing His people. When God lays His holy name and claim on us, it’s immediate, active and ongoing – whether or not we recognize or welcome his blessings.

How has our Lord already blessed you? How will you respond with “a sacrifice of thanksgiving” (Psa 116:12-14, 17)?

Prayer: Most holy God—Father, +Son and Spirit—lead me, guide me, correct me in being a faithful steward of all your blessings, and turn me into being your blessing to others. Amen.

Today’s devotions was written by the Rev. Dr. Cathi Braasch, one of many disciples at Trinity Lutheran Church, Gothenburg NE.

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