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Today’s readings: Zephaniah 3:1-13; 1 Peter 2:11-25; Matthew 20:1-16

Wait for the Lord; he will accomplish the day’s goal. Entrust yourself to him, not to your own industry and diligence. Consider the parable in today’s gospel reading. Early in the day, laborers were hired to work the whole day for one small, silver coin. Midday, others were hired to work a half-day for the same payment. When most of the day was gone, still more laborers were brought on for the same rate of pay. If they all stayed on until the end of the day, they would receive that one piece of silver—even those who seemingly did nothing at all.

Those who worked hard all day long were outraged that those who came at the end of the day received the same pay. Those had barely any time to work at all, yet they received equal pay. We also, might think this unfair. Jesus warned us to not be surprised that religious people are outraged by God’s grace.

It is not your hard work that gets you the silver coin. You get the silver coin because you believed you would be paid by the one who promised to do so.

Prayer: Thank you, O Lord, for your promise and your grace. Amen.

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