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First responders continue search and rescue operations in flood-ravaged Colorado. Debris removal and clean up has not yet begun due to the dangerous conditions and ongoing rain. In addition to Boulder, the community of Longmont has also been devastated.

Faith Community Lutheran Church (NALC/LCMC) is located in Longmont. According to Stacia Keller, office manager, the church building itself has sustained no damage because it is in the northern part of this community, which was cut in half by the flood waters. However, 50 of its 392 member families have been impacted, with damage ranging from sewer backups to complete loss of not only their homes and possessions but the very land on which the house was built. The Faith Community Lutheran Church website will be updated in the next day or so with information on the flood and local relief efforts.

Peter Reinertsen, owner of a motel/lodge in Estes Park, Colorado and son of Anita Reinertsen (Immanuel Lutheran Church [NALC] in Altona, Illinois), said that traveling to Loveland, which normally takes about an hour, will now take more than five hours because of the damage to roads and bridges.

We have been notified by Colorado VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) that ONLY volunteers who are affiliated with a VOAD agency are needed. No unaffiliated volunteers are needed at this point.

NALC Disaster Relief requests:

  • Prayer, especially for calm, God’s peace, and God’s direction for those affected by these devastating floods.
  • Financial support in preparation for clean-up and long-term recovery efforts, as many victims do not have flood insurance and government assistance will be a maximum of $30,000 per family. You may make online donations to NALC Disaster Relief or send checks to:
NALC Disaster Relief
2299 Palmer Drive, Suite 220
New Brighton, MN 55112-2202
  • Gift cards for emergency response and long term recovery may be sent to Mary Woodward, Disaster Warehouse, 810 Main St., Caldwell, Ohio  43724.

Mary (Woodward) Bates, NALC disaster coordinator, is preparing a delivery of blankets/quilts, health kits, flood buckets, layettes, and school supplies.  There currently is no date set for the truck to depart, as there are no facilities in place in Colorado to receive the items. You may contact Mary by telephone at 740-509-1132 or email: [email protected] for information on how to send relief supplies.