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Partner Status: Global Worker
Ministry Focus: Discipleship, Global Project, Holistic Ministry
Contact: Dr. William Obaga

In January 2020, the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) received Dr. William Obaga as a Global Worker through the World Mission Prayer League (WMPL). William continues with his role in overseeing WMPL missionaries assigned to Africa, while also serving the NALC in building, forging, nurturing, and promoting her growing partnerships in Africa, and specifically serving on the ground in Kenya. William’s wife, Rev. Dr. Margaret Obaga now serves as a missionary in leadership training and support for the diaconal ministry of the Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church, with a focus on teaching and capacity-building for God’s mission in Africa. She also collaborates with other WMPL co-workers in Africa. For these reasons, William and Margaret are grateful for the opportunity to use their God-given gifts to give back to the church in Africa and overseas. Please pray that the Lord might raise more workers for Africa in many areas: witness, teaching, and leadership development.

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