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The people in Liberia and Victory Ministry send you greetings in the name of Christ. They continue to be grateful for your faithful and continuous prayers, support and desire to see the Lord work in Liberia and other West African countries.

New churches in the Victory Ministry Family: The Lord continues to use us to do His work in West Africa. By His grace we have been able to start churches in Gwenny Town, Henry Town, Bong Village, Wangeko and Barnor. We were hoping that the Nedowen church would be started, but we were not successful. The preliminary work was done but the church-planting phase was not successful. We gave the situation to God and continue to look for His direction.

Preliminary work is being carried out for church-planting in Brewerville. Please pray for the team and other assistants in the process. This is a larger and more connected city. Initial identification of two towns is being done for Gbapolu and other places. We are praying for a successful early conversation with the leadership in these towns.

Teaching and Baptism: We attended the Region 1 convocation. We were there to provide doctrinal clarity and leadership education on biblical teaching. We were fortunate to be able to baptize 15 people at the convocation.

Land purchases: We negotiated and paid for church land in Kormah, Gwenney Town, Gbesseh, Nyanla and Bongoma. This will enable the churches to build their own structures and not rely on homes and other public facilities — where they are constantly being driven out. The Bongoma church has been built, but the cost of the land has only been partially paid.

Micro projectors: We continue to provide micro projectors for evangelism in the village areas. We have provided Regions 2 and 4 with one projector each. These projectors, when charged, will run for two hours, enough time to complete the full run of the “Jesus” film. When connected to a battery-run speaker system, it provides enough sound for a crowd of 500 people. This eliminates the need to travel with a bulky projector and generator. It eases travel cost and storage. The projectors are portable and easy to use and one of our most effective evangelism tools to date. They help us show the “Jesus” film in local languages with very great lip synchronization. We are trying to provide more projectors to different sections of the country at a cost of $160 to $200 each.

Construction and developments: Financial assistance was provided to the Gbesseh and Nyanla churches to help them purchase initial materials for bricks and transportation of sand, gravel and other local materials needed for church construction. The two churches also received assistance for the purchase of materials and tools for land clearing.

Financial assistance was provided to the Kakata and Tienii churches to purchase bricks and crushed rock. The Tienii church still has over 1,300 bricks to transport to the construction site. The Kakata church will use the bricks for the expansion of the edifice. The Tienii church finances will be used for the purchasing and hauling of additional bricks in preparation for the construction of the edifice.

The church at Barclay Farm was given $1,000 for the continuation of brick production in preparation for the raising of exterior walls. The church is currently working on raising an additional $1,000 for transportation, cement, bricks, hauling of sand and a partial payment toward the compensation of the contractor.

Cement was provided for the plastering of the Nagbena kindergarten and elementary school. The plastering will prevent the exterior walls of the building from being washed away by heavy tropical rain splashing on them. Some of the cement was used to cast the floors of classrooms to prevent dust from billowing into the children’s faces.

Chairs: A total of 28 chairs were provided for the 14th Street church. Additional chairs may be needed as attendance increases.

Bible college: The Bible college process is moving along smoothly. The catalog and curriculum are being written. It’s likely that the school will open by May 2019. It’s exciting that many Victory Ministry pastors are willing to serve as the initial students. There is a great eagerness to learn to be an effective pastor. We may have more than the 10 anticipated initial students.

Based on the caliber of teachers and the curriculum, this school will be one of the best in the country from the start. With the minimum facility and resources, we are trusting God to strengthen the students, school and faculty to provide a sound and spiritual education for the future pastors, evangelists and missionaries.

Medical Assistance: We continue to provide financial assistance for sick pastors, their sick wives and young children who are unable to underwrite the cost of their medical needs, as well as pay tuition for needy students.

Motorcycle: Due to the rise in the number of churches in Region 4, Victory Ministry provided a motor bike for the region’s use. The motor bike will help the dean travel to the churches and provide supervision, education, training and pastoral care.

In the future, it will help with church planting, especially executing preliminary tasks before the next team arrives.

With the potential of this region, it’s likely that it may need another bike to help them be more effective. Regions 1 and 2 may also need a bike.

Requests: Please continue to pray for us. We still have many tasks to complete: plant five churches, start the Bible college, recruit students, pay teachers at the Bible college, provide three more motor bikes, maintain the car we use here (something that has to be done every other day due to the very bad roads we travel), purchase gasoline (a very expensive commodity), free the container from the port, supervise the 2019 convocation, conduct the pastoral and leadership discipleship conference, and seek to establish ecumenical relationships here and internationally. We need the Lord’s wisdom for all these things. We need the Holy Spirit’s guidance and anointing. We want the Lord to be glorified in what we do.

Thanks, and may God continue to bless you.

To learn more, or to partner with Pastor Samar Ghandour and Victory Ministry, please visit thenalc.org/gcs.