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Below are links to recorded audio of sermons, keynote addresses, and teachings on discipleship and mission by key NALC leaders.

2014 Mission Festival plenary sessions and closing worship sermon:

Plenary 1 – Dennis Blevins (Discipleship)


Plenary 2 – Dr. Gemechis Buba (Missional Capacity Assessment)


Q and A Panel


Plenary 3 – Dr. Gemechis Buba (House Church Movement)


Plenary 4 – Dr. Gemechis Buba (Missional Hospitality)

Download a copy of the “Missional Hospitality” PowerPoint presentation


Closing Worship Sermon – Bishop John Bradosky



From the 2012 NALC Renewal Conference

11/07: Dr. Gemechis Buba (approx. 29 min.)


11/08: Bishop John Bradosky (approx. 1 hr., 25 min.

11/08: Dr. James Nestingen (approx.

11/08: Pastor Eric Waters

11/08: Teach/Preach/Worship

 2012-NALC-Renewal-Conference-Bradosky-11-09 (59 min.)


11/09: Pastor David Keener