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Oklahoma City, OK: In a significant show of unity and trust, delegates of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) have re-elected the Rev. Dr. Daniel W. Selbo as their bishop during the NALC Mission Convocation in Oklahoma City, OK. Receiving 77% of votes on the first ballot, Bishop Selbo’s re-election stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment, strong leadership, and vision for the church’s future. The announcement of his re-election was made by NALC General Secretary, the Rev. Dr. Amy Little on Thursday, August 10, 2023.

Bishop Selbo answers questions during the 2023 Mission Convocation.

Bishop Selbo has been a pivotal figure in the NALC, previously serving as the pastor of St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church in San Jose, California and holding the position of dean of the Central Pacific Mission District. His continued leadership as bishop reaffirms the trust and confidence of the congregations and mission districts across North America.

The Mission Convocation was graced by a plethora of over 600 global delegates and visitors. This broad spectrum of attendees included representatives from various global Lutheran bodies and renowned ecumenical partners. Notably present were the Rev. Dr. Yonas Yigezu Dibisa (Ethiopian Evangelical Lutheran Church Mekane Yesus), the Rev. Dr. Joel Lehenbauer (Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod), the Most Rev. Dr. Ray Sutton of the Reformed Episcopal Church (Anglican Church in North America), and the Rev. Dr. Walter F. Kedjierski (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops). Through the NALC’s participation in the Global Confessional and Missional Lutheran Forum, other church leaders and representatives were present from Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Laos, Mongolia, Norway, and Tanzania.

Adding to the sentiment of unity and global outreach, a video greeting was shared with attendees from the Rev. Dr. Scott Jones, a bishop of the emerging Global Methodist Church, which resonated with warmth and camaraderie.

Bishop Selbo presides over the closing service of Holy Communion.

Also adding to the global character of the Mission Convocation was the commissioning of six new global workers dedicated to the cause of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Among these newly commissioned workers was Randy Stubbs, who, in addition to his service commitment, plays a vital role at Tumaini University in Makumira, Tanzania. Randy, along with his two talented daughters, graced the Convocation with an assortment of hymns and songs from various corners of the globe. Their musical leadership and performance served as a rich tapestry of global faith and culture, beautifully weaving into the fabric of the NALC’s commitment to worldwide evangelism and discipleship.

Especially touching was the contextual background of Bishop Selbo’s early ministry. Having served as a vicar in South Africa, his roots in global mission made the global participation and musical segments of the Mission Convocation even more poignant, symbolizing the intertwining of cultures, faith, and the universal message of Jesus Christ.

Upon addressing the congregation, Bishop Selbo’s words resonated with gratitude, vision, and a roadmap for the years ahead. He extensively spotlighted the North American Lutheran Seminary, underlining its crucial role in raising the next generation of pastoral candidates. He called for a renewed, invigorated focus on mission, discipleship, and spiritual renewal, emphasizing the continuation and evolution of the NALC’s 20/20 Vision.

Bishop Selbo stated, “The North American Lutheran Church, over the years, has become a beacon of hope, faith, and spiritual resilience. As we move forward into the future together, our mission remains firmly anchored in the teachings and love of Christ, and our enduring commitment to discipleship, both locally and globally. I am profoundly honored by this re-election and the immense trust placed in me. My earnest prayer is that together, as one unified body, we will continue to participate in the mission and work of God by lifting up Jesus as Lord and Savior of all, that the world might be drawn by the Holy Spirit to Him.”

The North American Lutheran Church, through its rich history and tradition, has cemented its role as a pivotal pillar in the global Lutheran tradition. With congregations spread across North America, the NALC stands as a testament to the strength, unity, and faith of the Lutheran tradition. Centered around the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ, the church remains steadfast in its commitment to discipleship, evangelism, and the good news of Jesus Christ.

Underpinning the NALC’s ethos are its four foundational Core Values: Christ Centered, Mission Driven, Traditionally Grounded, and Congregationally Focused. These values serve as the bedrock upon which the church operates, guiding its decisions and spiritual direction.

In a world fraught with challenges, the NALC continues to shine as a beacon of faith and hope. It is a dynamic and renewed Lutheran community, fervently moving forward in faith, focused on living out Christ’s Great Commission to evangelize and make disciples both in North America and around the globe.

About the North American Lutheran Church

The North American Lutheran Church (NALC) is a growing Christian church in the Lutheran tradition, uniting more than 142,500 Lutherans from 490+ congregations across the United States and Canada. The NALC embodies the theological center of Lutheranism in North America and stands firmly within the global Lutheran mainstream. The NALC is a church family committed to the authority of the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and, in keeping with the Lutheran Confessions, believes all doctrines should and must be judged by the teaching of Scripture.

The NALC has embraced four Core Values which shape its common life: Christ Centered, Mission Driven, Traditionally Grounded, and Congregationally Focused. As a church centered on the unique Gospel of Jesus Christ, the NALC is animated by missions and evangelism, grounded in the 2,000-year tradition of Christian faith, and organized chiefly to serve our congregations. A renewed Lutheran community moving forward in faith, the NALC is focused on living out Christ’s Great Commission to go and make disciples in North America and around the globe.

Our Purpose
The North American Lutheran Church exists for the purpose of offering a witness to the saving work of God the Father, in Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, in order that all people would come to know and trust and believe in what God has accomplished for them in His Son. Consistent with Holy Scripture, the apostolic teaching and the Lutheran Confessions, our work as a church body and as individual congregations is based upon our Lord’s Great Commandment—“to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, strength and mind…and to love your neighbor as yourself ” (Matthew 22:37– 39)—and His Great Commission—“to go into the world and make disciples of all nations, baptizing and teaching in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19–20).

Our Call to Discipleship
The call to discipleship and to making disciples is in our DNA. It identifies us as followers of Jesus Christ—we are disciples, desiring to grow each day as followers of His who live the sacrificial way of the cross in community with one another. It also defines what we do. Our calling is to make disciples—to live as witnesses of our faith to others, to proclaim to them what God has done for them in Jesus, to baptize them in His name and bring them into His family, and to support and encourage them as they grow in their relationship with Him and grow in their ability to share their faith with others.

Our Legacy
As a body of believers who trust in the promises of God in Jesus Christ and who follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our primary purpose of proclaiming the Gospel message of the kingdom of God will never change. We will, however, as the result of living in an ever-changing world, regularly review our strategies and commitments in carrying out that primary task of being ambassadors of the Kingdom—of forgiveness, healing, deliverance and wholeness—to a confused and broken world around us.

The Rev. Dcn. Andrew S. Ames Fuller
Director of Communications
North American Lutheran Church
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