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El Shaddai and Bethel Bible College

Maneadero, Mexico

Pastor Flores is the pastor of El Shaddai in Maneadero, Mexico. Pastor Flores has already started two mission plants and hopes to open a third soon. Mission 2 Mexico, a group of NALC churches that has built approximately 45 homes, sponsored over 500 years of education, and fed over 50,000 people in the Maneadero area, would like to continue to support the work of Pastor Flores.

Pastor Flores and other ministry leaders have embraced Lutheran theology, and working together with several NALC partners, Mission Districts and leaders, are working to complete their education and certification in the NALC. After successful completion of the NALC certification process, these newly certified pastors, along with other leaders in the Maneadero area, will continue to partner with Mission 2 Mexico to meet the needs of local missions and educational development. An NALC Mission Grant was awarded in 2018 to assist with the financial needs related to this process.   For additional information, please contact Pastor Phillip Gagnon at: pphil1961@icloud.com.

Mailing Address:
St. Albert Evangelical Lutheran Church
11 Glenview Crescent
St. Albert, Alberta Canada T8N 1S3

Pastor Phillip Gagnon

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