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Growing in Faith and Mission

Women of the NALC (WNALC) is an organization for all women and women’s groups of the North American Lutheran Church.

A ministry of the North American Lutheran Church, WNALC offers and guidance to the local congregational women’s groups in their efforts to grow in faith and mission, through prayer and evangelism, with the Bible as God’s ultimate authority.


WNALC encourages its members in their congregations to:

  • Love God, develop a deeper relationship with Him, and study His Word;
  • Love our neighbors—local, domestic and around the world—lending them assistance with their life and spiritual challenges;
  • Spread His Gospel throughout the world by supporting His missionaries in prayer and assistance as needed; and
  • Foster numerous personal relationships with our Sisters in Christ.


A place for women to find spiritual guidance, support, mission and fellowship.

WNALC links NALC women’s groups together as a community of faith, hope, and love as they focus on their individual organization and assists them in God’s mission, studies of His Word, service to others in Christ’s name, and fellowship with each other and other Lutheran women.

Financial Support

The WNALC depends on the generosity of its women’s groups and individual members for the support of its operations and annual meeting. The WNALC proposed budget is available on their website.  Their goal is to operate with as little expense as possible, but still be able to provide resources and information to the women of the church.

The WNALC asks that your group prayerfully consider a gift to the WNALC.

All donations should be sent directly to:

Women of the NALC
NALC Financial Administration
2299 Palmer Drive, Suite 220
New Brighton, MN 55112-2201

Visit WNALC website to learn more.