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A church body with the financial strength to support its God-given vision

Component Lead: Pastor Mark Chavez (Bishop Dan Selbo, Executive Council, Treasurer, Living & Giving Stewardship Team)
Immediate Goal: A balanced budget that fully supports the vision priorities by 2022

  1. Develop a vision to inspire and expand financial support
  2. Reduce and refocus current spending allocations wherever possible
  3. Challenge all congregations and mission districts to increase their financial support by 1% of their congregational budget per year, for four years
  4. Offer a direct challenge to larger congregations and individual donors
  5. Seek financial support from outside sources to supplement our resources
  6. Provide and communicate opportunities for end-of-life “Legacy Gifts” to the NALC
  7. Establish an emergency fund for pastors in need
  8. Consider the development of a NALC endowment fund as a way of providing on-going and long-term financial support and strength
  9. Consider a “Ten-Year Anniversary Appeal” in 2020 (Thank Offering)
  10. Consider a “Three-Year Vision Appeal” (2021-2023) to provide a solid financial base
    1. The goals and purpose for such an appeal must be clearly defined
    2. Promote at the 2020 Convocation and throughout 2021
    3. Appeal components need to be clearly/directly tied to vision components and goals
  11. Necessary Financial Reserve levels for all NALC and NALS efforts need to be considered and promoted as part of this component
  12. All funding requests need to be directly connected to and supportive of mission efforts that enhance our collective witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our future in the NALC

Component Lead

The Rev. Mark Chavez
The Rev. Mark Chavez

General Secretary