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A church body that takes advantage of the latest advances in technology and communication to provide congregational support, and to serve the mission outreach, ministry development, and overall communication efforts within the NALC

Component Lead: Deacon Andrew Ames Fuller (Maddie Benson, NALC Communications Team)
Immediate Goal: Recruit a team by no later than June 2020 to identify and prioritize goals to support this vision component

  1. Review what is currently being done and consider what is possible through technology and communication to support the goals of this vision component
  2. Prioritize the next steps for increasing our use of technology and communication to serve the goals of this component
  3. Develop a strategy and work with the appropriate people (staff, mission district deans, elected and congregational leaders) to begin implementing the next steps for reaching the goals of this vision component

Component Lead

The Rev. Andrew Ames Fuller
The Rev. Andrew Ames Fuller

Director of Communications

Component Support

Maddie Benson
Maddie Benson

Communications Specialist