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A denomination with the strongest and most highly respected Lutheran seminary training system in North America

Component Lead: Pastor Eric Riesen (Board of Regents, Executive Council, Bishop Dan Selbo)
Immediate Goal: Upgrade the structure, program and recruitment of our seminary

  1. Structure
    1. Center in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, with learning hubs/extension centers in multiple locations
    2. New seminary president by February 2020
    3. The NALS “Banner” should represent all NALC-approved pastoral training options
    4. Connections with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC), Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), Lutheran Church—Canada (LCC) and other ecumenical seminary partners
    5. Expanded and moveable faculty
    6. Internship sites identified in each mission district
    7. Clarify the relationship between and the authority and responsibilities of the candidacy committee, Board of Regents, seminary president, Executive Council, and NALS
  2. Program
    1. Disciple-making emphasis incorporated in seminary training and first-call support
    2. Outcome-based approach to seminary training
    3. Distance-learning options
    4. Confessional, Orthodox teaching
    5. New approaches to combining pastoral training with actual congregational service
    6. Consider undergraduate courses that can qualify for seminary training requirements
    7. Consider ministry experience in lieu of internship requirement
  3. Recruitment
    1. Double the number of seminarians by 2023
    2. Increased scholarship support for all NALC candidacy-approved seminary students
    3. Challenge each mission district/congregation to raise up/plant seeds for potential seminary candidates (students, young adults, second career)
    4. Add NALS staffing for recruitment of new seminarians by 2021
      1. Work with seminary president and Board of Regents to address this need
    5. Funding to be allocated for training seminary professors to serve at NALS

Component Lead

The Rev. Dr. Eric Riesen
The Rev. Dr. Eric Riesen

President, North American Lutheran Seminary