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A continuing education emphasis that supports the ongoing development of all NALC pastors and lay leaders

Component Lead: Board of Regents (NALC Theologians, Missions Team, Jenny Brockman)
Immediate Goal: Expansion and promotion of continuing education opportunities available

  1. Encourage every pastor to take part in at least one continuing education course per year
  2. Offer courses in various disciplines (preaching, discipleship, stewardship, church-planting, etc.)
  3. Coordinated efforts to broadcast courses and training seminars throughout the NALC and LCMC
  4. Consider using the annual Pastors’ Conference and Lutheran Week as venues for continuing education offerings
  5. Consider offerings to encourage pastoral self-care; including emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, along with resources for maintaining a healthy family-life
  6. Include encouragement for salary, vacation, continuing education and sabbatical funding in the call process/pastoral call guidelines
  7. Offer continued education opportunities for first-call pastors and experienced pastors, along with a long-term strategy for ongoing development