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One of the greatest resources that is needed today is not what you would expect. While it’s true that financial help is needed by many of our mission partners throughout the world, one of the greatest needs is you…

Though we in the United States continue to send missionaries all over the world to share the Gospel, what we have failed to recognize is that the percentage of Christians in the countries to which we are sending missionaries is arguably a higher percentage than what is in the United States. In fact, many of these countries are now sending missionaries to the United States. The theology of mission is an important topic to be discussed, but what we hear from our partners across the world is that there are millions of Christians—thousands of young men and women, grandparents, children, bankers, teachers, accountants, lawyers, CEO’s, maintenance workers, musicians, professional plumbers and more—who long for training in Scripture and theology. There are many, many people who would like to receive education or seminary training to be pastors, but there are not enough teachers to teach them.

Theologians Without Borders recognizes that in the United States we are rich with education, training, and degrees. As we continue to build relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world, we recognize this is a resource that we can easily share. As we strive to live out the Great Commission, are you willing to be sent out? To share your education and gifts? To begin a relationship with another part of the body of Christ in a different place where you will also have the ability to learn and grow in your faith?

Most of our Theologians Without Borders will travel for a week to ten days and will teach on a specific topic, as well as spend time building relationships with local congregations and leaders. It is important for home congregations and mission districts to understand that participating in the larger body of Christ is a gift to the whole. The pastors and leaders who give of their time are not on “vacation.” As the leader gives of his or her time, we ask that the congregation would consider giving the gift of additional paid leave. More resources are available on this topic at: www.alban.org. Upon request, congregational leadership can arrange for a conference call with the NALC’s Executive Staff or experienced representative to empower congregational leadership to make this informed decision and gift.

There is a possibility to travel individually or on one of the group trips that is planned for 2016-2017. For more information, please contact Jenny Brockman at jbrockman@thenalc.org.

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