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Job 9:1–15, 32–35; Acts 10:34–48; John 7:37–52

Peter says in our reading from Acts, “We are witnesses” of what Jesus did and what was wrongly done to him. He is not only speaking to those who were in his hearing that day. We too, are witnesses through the testimony of the apostles in Scripture.

People disputed Jesus’ teaching, each demanding that he was right. Job has an answer for them, insisting that no one is able to contend with God, further noting, “How can a man be in the right before God?” He is correct; we are not righteous before God, no matter the effort we make. Yet there is good news here for those who will listen. We may hunger and thirst for righteousness, but there is only one way to be satisfied. It is only through the grace of God (Eph 2:8) that one is filled with righteousness. (Matt 5:6)

Jesus plainly invites everyone to come to him and drink, that through faith, their hearts will overflow with the living water of his Spirit and thus, eternal life. (John 4:14) You are now a witness of his invitation. Believe.

Prayer: Lord of all, have mercy and help me believe. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Mark Ryman, Communications Coordinator for the NALC.

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