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Job 22:1-4, 21-23:7; Acts 13:26-43; John 10:1-18

Job wants to argue that, because he is blameless, he deserves none of the ills that have befallen him, as his counselors have suggested. The speech of Eliphaz at least convinces us that we should take our sins seriously. But who is truly blameless? 

Jesus was sinless and did not deserve the cross. We, however, have earned death because of our sin. So, the undeserving laid down his life for those deserving death. As such, Job is correct when he says there is a righteous advocate in heaven who could acquit him (Job 23:7). Jesus is that arbiter for us all because he laid down his life for the sheep.

He is the only access to the Father (John 14:7, 9) for all sheep who hear his voice and follow him. In that sheepfold, all suffering will finally be ended—for Job and for us all.

Prayer: Holy Father, mighty yet merciful, help me hear and follow your Son. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Mark Ryman, Communications Coordinator for the NALC.

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Tomorrow’s readings: Job 25:1–6, 27:1–6; Revelation 14:1–7, 13; Matthew 5:13–20