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Proverbs 25:15–28; 1 Timothy 6:6–21; Matthew 13:36–43

Perhaps few words of Scripture are more relevant to us than Paul’s admonition to Timothy to shun the desire to be rich and to fight the good fight of the faith. This applies to us whether we are “well off” or “not well off”; for however much we have, we are always tempted to be jealous of what another has. Although our society has multiplied our needs (Paul did not have to worry about the cost of an automobile, insurance, or college tuition.), we are still called to live as simply and responsibly as possible. We must put our financial affairs in order, starting with our support of the church’s mission.

Paul tells Timothy that he must shun the love of money in order to fight the good fight of faith. Those who wish to be biblical and confessional Lutheran Christians must understand this. Only when we cease to care about status in the world, only when we can say “no” to having certain experiences or luxuries, can we be free to pursue the godly life to which our Lord calls us. God desires to set us free for himself; let’s take him up on the offer!

Prayer: Bountiful God, make me content with what you give me, that I may know the rich treasure of life with you. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Maurice Frontz, Pastor of St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh PA.

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