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Ecclesiastes 9:11–18; Galatians 5:1–15; Matthew 16:1–12

If I began my educational journey in preschool and count until my current doctoral program, I have spent 27 years in school. As astonishing as this may be for me and for us all, we soon realize that our entire lives are spent in pursuit of some kind of wisdom. Truly, “wisdom is better than weapons of war,” though sin can do much to derail our goals.

Is the wisdom we seek of God and for God? Do we desire to know him deeply, and avail his benefits offered in the sacraments? St. Paul would affirm: what matters is not our ability or inability to meet educational goals but only “faith working in love.” All of the degrees that hang on my office wall mean nothing compared to the far-surpassing love of Christ.

Through faith in him and trusting his guidance, I have learned more about the world, how I should view that world, and how God has called me through the Gospel, enlightened me with his gifts, and sanctified me for mission in and for the world. When this world demands signs and seeks to destroy faith, may I hold fast to God’s unfailing Word and his promises actualized in the sacraments.

Prayer: Lord, I have much to learn, but long for the eternity of learning yet to come!

Today’s devotion was written by Kris L. Snyder, Pastor of Gonvick Lutheran Parish, Gonvick, MN.

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