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Ecclesiastes 7:1–14; Galatians 4:12–20; Matthew 15:21–28

We are products of the world in which we live. Even before we were born, our thoughts, positions and attitudes were being shaped by those around us. If we were raised in a religious, God fearing family, chances are we would be religious and God fearing. If we were raised in a family without God, it would be against the statistics for us to be religious and God fearing.

The disciples were raised in the law, and under the law some people were clean while others were unclean. Jesus took the disciples on a trip to a predominately Gentile area. And behold, the law which guided the disciples was decimated. Jesus talked with a Canaanite woman. As a Gentile, she was unclean and a sinner. Then with a few words, Jesus answered her cry for help, changing the woman’s world, the disciples’ world, and our world forever. Jesus had not only come for the lost sheep of Israel but even “for the least of these.”

God fearing or non-religious, if we turn to Jesus in prayer, let go of who we are, and believe in him with faith, no matter our life circumstance, healing can occur.

Prayer: Gracious Lord, hear my cries for help, and heal those I love from all affliction. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Ernie Sheldon, Pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Statesville, NC.

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