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Genesis 24:1-27; Hebrews 12:3-11; John 7:1-13

The story in Genesis sounds primitive and silly to 21st century Western culture because it involves trusting God with life. I assume most of you men might have proposed to your wives in a romantic way, holding a rose in your mouth, kneeling, and opening the engagement ring box while saying, “Would you marry me?” Well, I believe God works that way too. As for Abraham, Isaac, Abraham’s servant, as well as Rebekah, everything seemed to hinge on trust and obedience.

All of the characters in this story trusted God. Though Abraham made his servant swear by the Lord, he did not put his hope in the servant to find a wife for his son, but in God who was able to lead that servant in the right direction. Abraham’s servant also feared the Lord, and put his trust in God to lead and guide him. Rebekah also trusted God. They all relied on God, not on dating services, like many do today.

Some of you may be struggling to discern the will of God to find your soul mate, or what to do in life, or how to serve God. God knows our wants and needs and he is always faithful to all who rely on him.

Prayer: Lord God, help us not only to lean on our understanding and ability to reason but solely depend on the faith that carries us when reason and understanding fail. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Abera Hellemo, Pastor of Vinemont Community Lutheran Church, Reinholds, PA.

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