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Judges 5:19–31; Acts 2:22–36; Matthew 28:11–20

Just as death came to Sisera, death comes to us all. May it not come to us so violently and unexpectedly. Nevertheless, one must be prepared to face death. There is only one way to be ready, whether death is a surprise or not.

Death came to the Messiah too. He was ready and willing to die, in order to free us from death by being the final sacrifice for our sins. Death was not able to hold him down, so God raised him up. Only in the death of Jesus may one be prepared to die. Therefore, while we still have days on earth, we dwell in hope against death.

The result of Christ’s death is not only life eternal for all who believe, but his authority over all. It is in this exalted authority that Jesus commands us, saying, “Go!” Make disciples in all the nations, baptizing and teaching them the commandments of the Risen Lord. Not only will the stars of heaven fight for us on our mission, our souls march with might since the Lord himself is with us until the age ends and we meet him in the paths of eternal life.

Prayer: Lord, help me face death by living out your great commission. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Mark Ryman, Communications Coordinator for the NALC.