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Judges 9:22–25, 50–57; Acts 4:32–5:11; John 2:13–25

In 1 Corinthians 11:1, Paul tells the Corinthians: “You should follow my example, just as I follow Christ’s.” That is a powerful statement of integrity!

Ananias and Sapphira were recorded (Acts 5:1-11) because they lied to God, because they lacked integrity. Now, why do you think God would even tell us about this couple if it were not as an example for us? Maybe God knew what kind of people he would be dealing with in 21st Century America.

We have become very distrusting in our culture. Words like politicians and government almost invariably are thought about in negative terms. Integrity seems to be on the way of becoming a lost art.

But there are individuals who exude integrity and honesty. Within the Church we have both “saints and sinners.” If all we do is look for and find the “sinner” we will probably miss the “saint.” My pastor’s wife always tell us to “Choose joy!” That is a soul who knows what pleases God and actively seeks ways to honor him with integrity and love.

Prayer: Lord, empower us with Holy Spirit integrity to the glory of Jesus! Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Thomas W. Corbell, Pastor of  Mt. Hermon Lutheran Church in Statesville, NC.

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