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Today’s readings: 1 Kings 8:22-40; 1 Timothy 4:7b-16; John 8:47-59

If we are “of” something or someone, it is our identity. A person representing his or her company might say: “Hi, I’m Pat from XYZ Corporation.” The Jews who were arguing back and forth with Jesus in our Gospel lesson, knew him as Jesus “of” Nazareth. His identification tied him to the place from which he came. The religious leaders could only see Jesus from the context of his earthly credentials. Others had also identified Jesus with his family, his father and mother, sisters and brothers in Nazareth. They identified him as the carpenter’s son. What they could not accept is that he was “of” God. When Jesus told them that he existed before Abraham, he was equating himself with God. Especially when he said: “…I am.”

With whom or what do you identify? We are “of” God. When you and I identify ourselves to be “of” God we are making a statement much deeper than telling someone where we come from or what we do for a living. When we identify ourselves as a “child of God,” then we are beginning where he does! And, if God is for us, who can be against us? This is our identity.

Prayer: Loving Father, help me to identify ever more closely with you and your love. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Randy Conley, Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Hubbard Lake, MI.

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