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2 Samuel 23:1-7, 13-17; Acts 25:13-27; Mark 13:1-13

What will you say today? The Spirit of God will give you the words. But to whom will you say what God has inspired? Look around. Where has the Lord brought you? Do you find that you are in your own land but that there are enemies at the gate? Wait and watch. Make an offering to the Lord. The Rock of Israel is with you and will speak. Are you on trial for your faith? The great saints were brought to court so that the gospel could be proclaimed. Perhaps you have been called to testify to things greater than yourself.

Be on your guard. The world is ever at work to still your voice but the word of the Lord will not be silenced. It may seem that all is lost, that the world has gone mad. Do not fear, for the sovereign Lord of all creation is at work here. Endure the hatred for his name’s sake. Do not be troubled; you are in the hand of the Almighty. His Spirit will speak through you and you will be saved.

Today’s devotion was written by Mark Ryman, Communications Coordinator for the NALC and Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Advance, NC. 

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