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Today’s readings: 2 Kings 21:1-18; 1 Corinthians 10:14–11:1; Matthew 8:28-34

The claim to be demon-possessed is not one that people in our western society often make. If you have had a chance to go on mission trips in foreign lands, you may have come across people who said they were demon-possessed. Even here at home, the satanic groups that sometimes silently operate in our towns attest to the existence of demon-possessed individuals and groups in the world today. And there is no doubt that we all see the manifestations of Satan in our lives and around us. Like the two demon-possessed men who came to meet Jesus, the forces of evil often appear to be so strong that they threaten to devour us, our nation, and the world.

There is good news: Satan knows and fears the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Trembling in the two demon-possessed men, he screamed: “What have you to do with us, O Son of God?” (Matt 8:29). Since Satan fears Jesus Christ, those who believe in Christ do not have to fear Satan because Satan fears the one they serve. There is more good news: the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to destroy Satan. He ordered evil spirits to exit the bodies of the two men, and they obeyed him. God has the power to free us from any force that attempts to keep us captives, for there is no power that is greater than His.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, you whom Satan knows and obeys, free me from the evil forces that are trying to keep me away from my heavenly Father. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Stéphane Kalonji, Pastor of Reformation Lutheran Church in New Bern, NC.

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  • While serving in the Navy at Pearl Harbor, I also was involved in a ministry named “His Place”. It was located just off Hotel St. which was much like Corinth in the Bible. Just about any perversion could be witnesses there in about a two block strip. A husband and wife came into our doors and started to ask questions about our ministry. When Jesus name was spoken, the lady actually dropped her baby. The husband quickly picked up the child and said that it was OK, the man never said anything about “in the name of Jesus” to them. The very utterance of Jesus name strikes fear in those who follow Satan.