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The North American Lutheran Church (NALC) has maintained an office at the New Brighton branch of US Bank for ten years. Before the NALC, from 2000 – 2010, Lutheran CORE and WordAlone Ministries were the tenants in suite 220. As they say, all good things must come to an end. In October, US Bank informed us that the branch will be closing at the end of the year.

We were blessed to make the right contacts quickly and found a new, similar space within two weeks. The new location is less than one-quarter mile from our current location. Effective December 14, the new address for the NALC office is 2655 Innsbruck Drive, Suite A, New Brighton MN 55112-9304. The phone numbers will not be changing.

Since we will no longer have quick and easy access to banking services, we request that all donations to the NALC be sent to the lockbox processing center that was set up a few years ago. Here are the guidelines for sending gifts for all funds of the NALC.

Please share this information with your treasurer and financial staff members. Many congregations and individuals are currently using the process and we now encourage everyone to do so.

Instructions for Donations

All gifts for the North American Lutheran Church should be sent to the following address:

North American Lutheran Church
PO Box 860565
Minneapolis, MN 55486-0565

To ensure timely and accurate processing, here are some guidelines for how checks should be written:

  1. Checks should be payable to North American Lutheran Church or NALC. Do not include a fund name (such as NALS or Great Commission Fund) on the payee line.
  2. Use the memo line to indicate a specific fund. If you leave the memo line blank, your gift will be deposited to the Operating (General) Fund.
  3. Specific fund options are (listed alphabetically):
    * Amy C. Schifrin Scholarship Fund
    * Disaster Response Fund
    * Great Commission Fund
    * General Theological Education
    * John Bradosky Fund for Life-to-Life Discipleship 
    * North American Lutheran Seminary or NALS
    * Seminarian Scholarships
    * Women of the NALC
    * WNALC Mission Bank
    Information about these funds is available on the giving page (thenalc.org/donate).
  4. It is more efficient to use a separate check for each fund. Multiple checks for the various funds may be sent in the same envelope to save postage. If you send a single check with allocations for multiple funds, please complete the Donation Allocation Form and enclose it with your check.
  5. All correspondence sent to the lockbox with checks will be scanned and available for review by NALC staff.

You may also give online at thenalc.org/donate.

Please note that if you are sending correspondence without a check or a check for payment of travel reimbursements, candidacy application fees or other non-donation items, those payments should be mailed to the Innsbruck Drive address. The lockbox processing is for donations only. Please contact Anne Gleason, financial administrator, or Joan Corniea, financial assistant, at 888-551-7254 or 651-633-6004 with any questions regarding this process.

Our Lord calls us to be good stewards of all He entrusts to our hands, and the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) places a high value on enabling congregations to use their donations efficiently and effectively in support of the wider church.