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Congregational Resources for Communication & Technology

There are a number of resources available for congregations to use during COVID-19. Tools provided include information on how to communicate about COVID-19 to your congregation (including planning worksheets, weekly webinars, and manuals) and resources for website creation, worship service live-streaming, sermon publishing, online financial giving, meeting options, text and email messaging, as well as thoughts on using technology for missional opportunities during the pandemic.

Creative Resource Sharing

So many of our congregations are being creative during this time period, and we wanted to provide a way to share your sermons, worship services (live-streams), and creative resources with others across the NALC. Our mission team has set up this area to share what your congregation is doing during the COVID-19 outbreak, or to use resources from others as necessary.

Prayer & Worship Resources

The following includes various resources for worship and prayer that can be used during this pandemic:

Spoken or Sung Morning Prayer (Matins) can be used daily in homes, especially for congregations that have suspended Sunday services

Prayers in Time of Infectious Disease, a series of prayers relevant to this time provided by our friends in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) or Prayers in a Time of Pandemic, written by Cathy Ammlung

Congregations are reminded that each day, the Reading the Word of God Daily Scripture Readings and Lenten Devotional are posted on our website and Facebook

Holy Families! is an initiative of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) and Sola Publishing, and provides daily devotions for families with younger children to do together.

SOLA Publishing also continues to provide worship resources that can be used online or in homes.

For more information, contact the Rev. Andrew Ames Fuller, director of communications for the North American Lutheran Church and an ordained deacon in the Anglican Church in North America.