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Letter from the Nominating Committee:

November 15, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

In 2019, the North American Lutheran Church Nominating Committee will be receiving nominations for our next NALC Bishop. A candidate will be elected to a four-year term at the annual Convocation in Indianapolis, IN on August 8-9. The purpose of this letter is to provide information on how the nominating process works, which we hope will encourage congregations to prayerfully consider potential candidates for this very important position.

The NALC Constitution, Article 8.05, specifies two sources of nominations for Bishop 90 days prior to the Convocation: NALC congregations and the NALC Executive Council. The council has decided it will not nominate any candidates for Bishop in 2019, so nominations will only be coming from congregations prior to the Convocation.

There are two ways congregations may choose to nominate a candidate for Bishop: at a meeting of the congregational council or in a congregational meeting. Whichever process is used, the Executive Council prepared an excellent package of information, in August this year, to engage congregations across the NALC in the candidate identification, nomination and election process.

Your Nominating Committee is looking forward to facilitating the process as outlined below:

  • The Nominating Committee will be receiving names of candidates from NALC congregations up to 90 days prior to our August 2019 Convocation. Congregations should confirm a candidate’s willingness to serve prior to submitting the candidate’s name to the Nominating Committee. Congregations must use the Bishop Candidate Nomination Form (provided below) for making nominations and submit the form by May 3. The Nominating Committee will contact each candidate to request biographical information, along with answers to specific questions.
  • The Nominating Committee will provide information on all candidates, except those who may be nominated from the Convocation floor, to members of the NALC 90 days prior to the August Convocation.

It is not too early to begin making plans to send congregational delegates to the 2019 Convocation. Each congregation is entitled to send at least one lay delegate and its pastor(s). There will be a process for congregations to apply through their Mission District Deans for financial assistance to send lay delegates to the Convocation. Information on the process will be forthcoming.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Nominating Committee.

Grace and Peace,

2019 Nominating Committee

Rev. Wendy Berthelsen
[email protected]
Rev. Hugh Brewer
[email protected]
Eric Osness
[email protected]
Rev. Rich Tomlinson
[email protected]
Marc Voigt, chair
[email protected]


Nominate a Candidate

Bishop Nominee Biographical Information Form

Bishop Election Packet from Executive Council

Included in this packet are: A handout stressing the importance of strong lay delegations at all NALC Convocations, especially next year in Indianapolis as we elect our new bishop (on the back of this handout is an estimate of the costs a congregation can anticipate in sending at least two delegates—one layperson, one clergy—costs that are well worth bearing!); the portions of the NALC Constitution governing Convocation delegations (including mandated proportions of lay and clergy delegates), governing elections, and defining the ministry of the Bishop; recommendations—approved by the Executive Council—from the 2015-2017 Task Force that studied the NALC’s procedures for electing its Bishop; and the questions candidates for Bishop will be answering in the biographical materials they provide to the Convocation.

Prayer in a Time of Discernment: A Resource for the Election of the Bishop of the North American Lutheran Church

The Executive Council of the NALC is calling for a year of prayer as we prepare to elect a new bishop. Electing a bishop is one of the most important responsibilities in the life of the Church and a key responsibility of the annual Convocation. As an election, it is a process governed by the constitution of the NALC; however, it is also a call process. As such, it involves discernment from the perspective both of individual potential nominees and of the NALC. Engaging in prayerful reflection and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit are indispensable aspects of the process of nomination and election of the Bishop of this Church. Understanding that congregations pray for such events in different ways, it seemed appropriate that we offer a variety of prayer resources. The provided material collected from worship resources has influenced the Church of all ages, and is intended for use in public worship, prayer, small or large groups, and individual devotions.