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Partner Status: GCS Ministry
Ministry Focus: International
Contact: Executive Director Pastor Samar Ghandour, 704-645-0006

With administrative offices and support furnished through the NALC’s Advent Lutheran Church in North Charleston, SC, the on-the-ground location of Victory Ministry’s work is in West Africa, currently in Liberia, with some outreach in Guinea, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. Victory “seeks to reach the unreached, point the way to Christ, and make disciples of all those God has called us to serve.”

Victory Ministry has a five-year program through 2017 to share Christ with the Islamic and unreached people in the interior of Liberia, training pastors, church leaders, evangelists, preachers and laypeople in their villages. It uses the film “Jesus” translated into the local languages to spread the Good News. It also provides relief supplies and medical assistance to the needy. It starts new churches and schools in those areas. A missionary and four deans in Liberia carry out these projects. With the 2014 Ebola threat, the ministry has continued, though it has refocused its ministry to humanitarian assistance to provide necessary relief, education, medicine, hygiene materials, transportation for its deans by the purchase of a motorcycle, food, emotional and legal relief. Recently one of its pastors, in an Islamic region, called as a witness in a court dispute, refused to take an oath on the Koran and was jailed for that. No word has since been received.

Despite Ebola in the region of this ministry, the workers are emboldened to continue spreading the Gospel to a people in dire need of emotional, physical and spiritual support.

Congregation Address:
200 Cedarwood Dr.
Salisbury, NC 28147

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Please forward Adoption Paperwork to the following address:
North American Lutheran Church
2299 Palmer Dr, Suite 220
New Brighton, MN 55112

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