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Partner Status: GCS Ministry
Ministry Focus: Discipleship, Mission Start, Youth
Contact: Jodie Hulthusen, (218) 523-4015

Beginning as a house church, Rindal Lutheran Church is a vibrant and rapidly growing community of followers of Jesus. Served by Pastor Tim Lundeen (who is a part-time and bi-vocational pastor), this congregation grew so quickly that they outgrew their home. They felt so strongly that God had a new plan for them, even though they didn’t yet know what it was. One of their members served on the board of a cemetery where there was a church building. It had stood empty for 30 years. They were invited to use the space for worship. They cleaned and painted the building, and the church has been their gathering space ever since. Their first service in the church was on Palm Sunday 2011. Since then, the adjacent land was purchased and an additional acre was gifted to them from another local farmer. With an active Sunday school and youth ministry, most members of the congregation are young families. They are teachers, health care workers, nurses, students, business women and men, carpenters, farmers, firemen, first responders . . . Each member puts a face on their church family and has helped to bring more people to their congregation — the children being some of their best evangelists. This small and rural church with humble beginnings has outgrown their current home and are working to expand.

To learn more, visit their website.