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Partner Status: GCS Ministry
Ministry Focus: Global Worker, International
Contact: Pastor Heidi Punt

The Rev. Heidi Punt was born and raised in South Africa. She completed all her formal studies in South Africa, majoring in missiology and New Testament studies at the University of South Africa and the Lutheran House of Studies.

Pastor Punt accepted the call to serve in the USA about 15 years ago and began her ministry in Illinois. In 2013, God led her and her family to North Carolina, where her husband was called to serve Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Troutman and her two younger children entered junior high and high school. Her oldest daughter remained behind to finish college in Illinois.

By March 2014, she accepted the call to serve Christ United Lutheran Church in Granite Falls, North Carolina. Her passion for mission and desire to bring God’s Word to all generations in a tangible and joy-filled manner made her a dynamic force in their midst. The congregation has grown in discipleship and membership, biblical literacy and social outreach.

As Pastor Heidi embraces her new call, she shares: “Mission on the local, national and international level has always been central to my call as pastor.  The Great Commission ‘to go into the all world, teach, baptize…’ (Matthew 28) is not just theoretical or theological to me. It is where the rubber hits the road! It is where discipleship and biblical authority becomes tangible and real!”

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