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Partner Status: Global Worker
Ministry Focus:
Contact: Pastor Didi Panzo

Wife, Serfina, and daughters, Nicole and Sarah

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Having recently completed 3 years of service in Ecuador among the marginalized, Pastor Didi and Serafina Panzo are re-deploying to the Democratic Republic of the Congo where they will focus on community development, counseling, and spiritual guidance. They are able to serve in this capacity thanks to a strategic partnership between WMPL and Christian Community Development Network (CCDN).

The Panzos will be stationed in western Congo where local leaders have expressed an acute need for empowering families that are facing conflict and crisis – especially women in domestic violence and children enduring many kinds of abuse. The goal is to facilitate emotional and spiritual rehabilitation as they are pointed to Christ, the only one who can heal such wounds. Local Lutheran congregations are eager to collaborate and so build their capacity to respond in a similar fashion. Pastor Panzo will also be teaching on a part-time basis at the Lutheran Theological Institute in Kinshasa.

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