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Partner Status: Ministry Partner
Ministry Focus: Military
Contact: Executive Director CH Leslie Haines (MAJ) ret., STS, MA, 260-755-2239

A faith-based ministry that provides free care, counseling and assistance to those who have served in the military, military contractors and their families, Lutheran Military Veterans and Families Ministries (LMVFM) also provides training and support to community care providers who work with military personnel and their families. Services are provided throughout the entire U.S. and include free counseling, quarterly weekend retreats, and assistance in finding resources through government agencies (LMVFM does not provide financial support itself). It provides training programs for civilian care providers, therapists, counselors, clergy and others who want to be better equipped to work with the military community, and also works with congregations to provide information on issues currently affecting the military community.

The organization was established in 2008 and is an independent faith-based Lutheran ministry, although it has been recognized by the LCMS as a service organization. Its executive director is rostered with the NALC, and its board has NALC representation.


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