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Partner Status: GCS Ministry
Ministry Focus: Discipleship, Mission Start
Contact: Pastor Raymond Forsythe, 570-659-0241

“We the people of Lutheran Church of the Cross: are united together in Christ; reaching souls with the Gospel message; growing, learning, by offering services that equip for service; growing together in our spiritual lives; encouraging each other; looking ahead to Eternity.”

One of the NALC’s first mission congregations, Lutheran Church of the Cross is located in the Mansfield, PA area, and surrounded by many unchurched, as well as people working in the gas industry and near Mansfield University, the congregation has great potential for growth. A particular focus is its “flashlight ministry” which tries to open doors of discussion about the church.

Congregation Address:
PO Box 612
Mansfield, PA 16933

To learn more, visit their website.