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Partner Status: Recognized Ministry
Ministry Focus: Discipleship, Education, Global Project
Contact: Executive Director Dr. Mike Rodewald, 800-532-4253

Lutheran Bible Translators is a highly trained group of women and men working with church and Bible agency leaders to bring God’s Word to those who don’t yet have it.

Bible Translation: Why translate Scripture for every language?
Because when we hear God’s Word through our own language — not the language of foreigners, colonizers or overlords — then we understand how much God loves and desires us. Over 1 billion people worldwide do not have the full Bible in a language that touches them deeply. An estimated 165 million do not have a single verse of Scripture.

Deeper Engagement: Why doesn’t Lutheran Bible Translators just translate, publish and move on as quickly as possible?
Because their goal is impact, not production. They work with either pre-literate or semi-literate peoples. Printed books are not a part of their life. It takes creative and intentional effort to help individuals, families, and even congregations read, hear and interact with Scripture within their daily activities. The Bible has no impact unless the Word engages deeply within.

To learn more, visit their website.