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Partner Status: Ministry Partner
Ministry Focus: Coaching/Training, Discipleship, Holistic Ministry
Contact: Director Pastor Tom Hilpert, 615-354-4278

Life Together Churches (LTC) is a network that supports people hosting worship and congregational life in small group environments. The network provides everything needed to enable a local group to quickly and effectively start a small group worshiping community and sustain its life and growth. In this way the network lives out its common vision to make disciples who make disciples and to plant churches that plant churches linked together by shared leadership, resources and passion. Its first order concern is to live out Christ’s Great commission to make disciples for the sake of preaching, teaching and confessing Jesus Christ as God’s Word for us and for our salvation.

Life Together Churches is the ministry partner the NALC works primarily with to assist in the strategic development of our New Mission Starts. For additional information about church planting in the NALC, please visit: thenalc.org/new-mission-starts

To learn more, visit their website.