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Partner Status: Recognized Ministry
Ministry Focus: Discipleship, Holistic Ministry, Short Term Trips/Camps, Youth
Contact: Executive Director Ron Ludke, 800-307-4036, ext 2 (U.S.); 800-307-4036, ext 1 (Canada)

LAMP’s volunteers and staff from Canada and the United States share the love of Jesus to indigenous people in communities in remote northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia through Christ-centered Bible studies and other outreach projects.

LAMP’s outreach programs include:

  • Leading Vacation Bible Schools and Christ-centered sports camps to children and youth and offering Bible study programs for adults during the summer months
  • Conducting many different forms of ministry on a daily basis while on site — most importantly, establishing and growing relationships with those they have contact with
  • Providing continuing ministry through technology such as Facebook, Skype and email
  • Visiting various communities throughout the year as time, resources and weather allows
  • Providing special events such as women’s retreats
  • Praying regularly for the indigenous people in general and for specific needs as they become known

To learn more, visit their website.