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Partner Status: Ministry Partner
Ministry Focus: Education, Global Project, Health, Poverty
Contact: Executive Director Ruth Brodeen, 720-404-1631

India Transformed (IT!) is celebrating over 30 years as a nonprofit organization empowering the people of India.

Their mission is “delivering hope through faith by transforming lives spiritually, socially and economically.”

IT! raises support for programs in India that empower children, women and community leaders through education, vocational training and spiritual development. They serve all people in India regardless of caste, religion, gender or creed.

They have a children’s sponsorship program that allows children access to education which provides them with uniforms, school supplies, nutritious food and clothing. Arise! is a women’s empowerment program that not only teaches literacy, but sponsorships provide a woman with tailoring skills that in six months will lead to gainful employment that can support her family. IT! uses a holistic community-based approach that trains people to become community leaders who are able to identify and address community needs. They conduct health and hygiene awareness, provide business marketing training to empower entrepreneurs, and offer adult literacy training that builds confidence.

IT! changes lives with an eternal perspective and entire communities to have hope for a better future.

To learn more, visit their website.