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Partner Status: Recognized Ministry
Ministry Focus: Education, Global Project, Health, Holistic Ministry, Poverty, Short Term Trips/Camps
Contact: Director Mr. Chad Kaufman, 419-908-8003

Gudina Tumsa Foundation – US’ vision is to reduce extreme poverty in Ethiopian communities through increasing education, teaching work skills and decreasing health disparities.

They seek to get Americans involved in partnering with organizations such as the Gudina Tumsa Foundation (GTF – Ethiopia) to reach out to communities that suffer depravation and poverty. Their hope is to challenge people to practice the art or “paying it forward” by helping Ethiopian families feed their children, send them to school, and work towards something more than mere survival. They desire to teach Ethiopian families the skills necessary to provide for their own family’s needs. They aspire to teach basic health care education to communities so they can decrease health disparities and extend the average life span beyond 54.

To learn more, visit their website.