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Partner Status: GCS Ministry
Ministry Focus: Education, Global Project, Holistic Ministry, Poverty
Contact: Pastor Stéphane Kalonji, 252-876-5192

Congo Mission International seeks partnerships between churches in the US and those of the dynamic and growing Lutheran Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the objective of fostering a mission mindedness within churches in the US, and equipping Lutherans in Congo to become more effective in their proclamation of the Gospel and service to the people of God. Pastors Stéphane Kalonji and David Nuottila travel to Congo every year, for three weeks, and offer workshops on various biblical topics, support the feeding of children suffering from hunger and malnutrition, “free” babies and mothers detained in clinics after birth due to the lack of funds to pay their bills, support the farming projects to help grow food locally, and minister in many other ways.